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The Office” ended season seven with one big lingering question on everyone’s mind–who would take Michael Scott’s position and, more importantly, who is going to hate on Toby? Some were probably a little disappointed to find that is was “Boston Legal” actor, James Spader, but the episode was still great nonetheless. While the show probably won’t ever have the same dynamic as it did with Carell, it still works. In fact, Spader’s role is almost the exact opposite of Carell’s.

The episode starts with Robert California (Spader) driving down to Florida and receiving an instant promotion–meanwhile, leaving Ed Helms, better known as Andy Bernard, in charge at Dunder Mifflin. The office goes into uproar when the staff finds a mysterious list dividing the employees between the categories of winners and losers. The ‘losers’ are upset because the ‘winners’ are invited to a nice lunch as Andy desperately tries to lead the losers out of their misery, especially pregnant Pam. (Angela too, is pregnant with her gay senator husband’s child).


If you already read the first book of “The Hunger Games” series, you should have finished the whole series by now. For those who are worried that “Catching Fire” will be the ‘placeholder’ that the second book of a trilogy series usually is, erase that thought right now. It’s just as good, maybe even better, than the first book.

Ever since she pulled those berries out in the last minutes of the previous year’s “Hunger Games,” Katniss Everdeen has become an icon of defiance and rebellion to the Districts. Who knew being a badass could be so rewarding?


Last week, Demi Lovato’s highly anticipated third studio album “Unbroken” was released, and let me tell you, it should be caged up again.  I’ll be honest, I was excited for the album.  Despite Demi Lovato’s tween audience, I think she is a very talented singer.  She has–or I should say had–a very strong and confident sense to her voice that made it something worth listening too.  The album’s first single “Skyscraper,” which is incredibly inspirational, even suckered me in. But fuck was I wrong.

This album is all over the place.  It starts off with a track featuring Missy Elliott and Timbaland, then somehow makes it down to the emotional “Skyscraper” and ends with a Wizz Dumb (Who? Yeah, I don’t know either) remix of the single.

Entertainment Weekly puts my thoughts perfectly in a review they wrote on the album.  The article quotes “There are two ways for pop stars to make a Survivor Album: either power-sing through your problems like Christina Aguilera, or make like Rihanna and dance ’till you forget what you’re supposed to be getting over. On her first release since checking out of rehab, Demi Lovato wants to have it both ways.”  In my opinion, you can’t have it both ways.  Sorry, Demi.

But don’t take my word for it.  Here is the Spotify link to “Unbroken,” and below is her single “Skyscraper”:

-Hayley Isaacson

When you think of yoga, the words orgasm and sex are not the first to come to mind. But, this bit of news might change that.

A “Yogasm” is the act of having an orgasm while doing yoga. It often results from the breathing and muscle exercises done during one of the various positions. Channeling the “sex” chakras “into the ‘heart’ and ‘mind’ chakras” is said to be a way to have a full-body orgasm. Yogis, who are male practitioners of yoga, often reference the seven chakras, which are vortexes of energy.

A Daily Beast article I read included quotes from several women recounting their Yogasm experiences. The positions named in these quotes were forward bend, lotus pose and mula bandha.


One surprise of my senior year has been all the exciting events happening on campus and in the city of Syracuse. Let me tell you, I know I’m having an awesome time my senior year so far, and I’m sure the rest of you guys are too.

It started with Day Glow, then Juice JamCuse Crawl and Tiesto followed; next month Skrillex will be coming to town as well. It seems house/trance music is finally having its moment here in Syracuse, and I am definitely lucky and thrilled that I am able to enjoy such moments here in my last year.

In addition to all the parties, the fact that I am part of the Jerk blogging team this year, as well as writing for College Fashionista, has given me a chance to look back on my college career and be grateful that I am actively part of SU. My previous years only consisted of volunteering and joining a couple clubs, but I never really took genuine interest in them.

I just want to say it’s not too late for us seniors to join a club or activity, especially if it’s for something you really love and care about. Make sure to take advantage of this school’s resources while you can, before we graduate, and before it becomes too late.

-Ellie Sul

Riding on the high of five Emmy wins,“Modern Family” premiered season three last week with a classic Pritchett-Dunphy family vacation. Everyone’s favorite family takes a trip to Wyoming to a dude ranch, which becomes the perfect place for Phil to show off his machoness and make us all laugh at the same time.

This episode centered around the idea of manliness. Mitchell complained about his for half the episode because he’s unsure if he is fit to raise a son. I think this line sums it up best: “I realized if I was gonna raise a boy, I was gonna have to butch up my life. I wanted to be able to teach all the things to my son that my dad taught…Claire.” Mitchell isn’t really ready for a son so in order to prove his manliness, he sets a birdhouse on fire with beloved pyromaniac Luke–the obvious scene-stealer.


As seniors, we get asked a lot of questions. Among them, the one question I despise most is “So…what are your plans after graduation?” Okay, I get that it’s the most realistic and obvious question you can ask any senior, but you know what? It hurts. It feels like getting stabbed in the part where it hurts the most. Clearly, it’s because I absolutely have NO idea. Well, I do have an idea but I mean, I still don’t know.

From what I have heard about post-graduates, I divided up them into five categories: the “All-Around-the-World”, the “Corporates”, the “Internationals”, the “Peacemakers”, and the “Bums”.


Prada and Armani are giant names; they are houses people recognize whether they follow fashion or not. Yet, few truly understand the differences in their approaches to design. They represent a spectrum in fashion; Miuccia Prada is the directional and forward-thinking designer who helps create the seismic shifts that inspire other designers to see things differently. Giorgio Armani is the designer that came out with a signature look at the onset of his career (shoulder-less, sharp, deconstructed suit) and has a specific consumer that comes back season after season for slight modifications to beloved looks.

Armani SS 2011 (Left) and Armani SS 2012 (Right)

This season, each perfectly fulfilled their specific roles. When describing collections, terms that often come to mind are ‘directional’ or ‘innovative.’ When a collection is great, it usually incorporates those two characterizations because they signal that changes are coming, that something exciting is happening in fashion. Yet, this perception can exclude great designers like Armani.

Armani is not looking to create the most innovative collection. His focus lies in making functional, well-made, tailored and beautiful clothing. That is what he makes, and luckily, that is what his consumers look for. His business wear and evening wear are for a specific clientele and is well marketed through award show presence, cinema wardrobe and extravagant parties. The Armani consumer wants suits for work, dresses for evenings, simple color palettes and sexy professionalism: effortless elegance.


“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

If you thought you couldn’t get any more post-apocalypse, screw-big-government than “1984” or “Brave New World,” then Jerks, I introduce you to “The Hunger Games.” FYI, this is not your typical teen trilogy. Yes, the days of Judy Blume and “The Baby-sitters Club” are over. Death and violence amongst kids take the win.

A civil war has resulted in a new nation, Panem. It is divided into 12 districts, which are controlled by the Capitol. To remind the districts of their defeat in the war, the Capitol devises the Hunger Games. Every district must send two teen contestants, where they backstab and kill each other to win. Katniss’s sister, Prim, is drawn on her first and only ballot. Determined to protect her sister, Katniss then does the unthinkable: she volunteers to take Prim’s place.

Okay, “The Hunger Games” is not terribly gory, but it’s up there. Personally, I don’t think it should be in the same category as “Twilight,” “The Vampire Diaries” or other works of teen fiction; they can’t even compete. Of course, every popular teen fiction book must have a film-version counterpart. The film adaptation fo “The Hunger Games” is coming out next year. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be drooling over Gale. If only the actor wasn’t previously in a Miley Cyrus movie…

-Vania Myers