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You’ve heard it a billion times. Don’t go tanning, it will give you skin cancer. So, I’m going to say it again. Don’t go tanning. Maybe I’m being hypocritical since I’ve gone tanning before, but at least I can say it was for a very short time. I went a couple of times before my senior prom and haven’t gone since. Nowadays, tanning has become an addiction for some people–just like people become addicted to drugs or alcohol. It’s sad that people continue to harm their bodies to enhance their physical appearance.

I’m not going to deny that I like the way I look better when I’m tan than when I’m not. I just think that people need to become more aware of alternatives that can get the job done safely. I’ve recently been trying out spray tans and absolutely love them. Although I wish they stayed on longer, I know that at least I’m not causing damage to my skin in the process. Other sunless tanning products like creams, gels, and lotions work the same way as spray tans do by having the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone react with your dead skins cells. The coloring from these products gradually fade as the dead skins cells slough off after a few days. Although it may be annoying to constantly apply creams or get spray tans, it’s better than potentially increasing your risk for skin cancer or looking like an old hag by the time you’re thirty.

–Jeanine Guzman

Nicki Minaj tweeted earlier today that the video for her track “Super Bass” will premiere this Wednesday on BET’s 106&Park, a top-ten hip-hop music video show, similar to TRL. We all know what that means: more wigs.

In the video for “Your Love,” which has an oriental-vibe, Nicki wore a sleek, black wig with angular cuts and bangs as well as an up-do complete with chopsticks. Halfway through her performance, she surprises watchers by appearing in a short style with bangs that looks a little bit like those of Cruella Deville.

“Knock-Out,” a duet Minaj did with Lil’ Wayne, shows Nicki in a wig with three different colors: blonde, cotton candy blue, and pink. That doesn’t make me want to jam to your song, Nicki. It just makes me hungry.

Lastly, “Moment 4 Life,” a newer track which features Drake, opens with Nicki as a princess in a long, natural black wig. She later dons a similar pink one, staying true to her image as Barbie. I highly doubt that hair dye even existed in Cinderella’s time. Get your facts straight, Nicki.

What style or color will she rock in her latest video? I guess, the world will have to wait until Wednesday at 6:00 on channel 29 locally. Until then, brainstorm some ideas with People Magazine.

-Christina Sterbenz

Last week, a big issue erupted about J.Crew’s creative director Jenna Lyons. Her ascent to the top of the design ladder at the company has been well documented and praised, especially since she is responsible for J.Crew’s new found ascension in trendiness.  The controversy is about a J.Crew ad that depicts Lyons’ life on a weekend, “Saturday with Jenna”, in which she is photographed with her son. In one of the photographs, she is shown painting his toenails pink.  This detail is what the media, specifically Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow, has chosen to emphasize.

The outrage is based on close-minded and narrow perceptions of gender identity.  Ablow believes that pink nail polish will have an adverse affect on the child’s development into his ‘proper’ gender role and will result in psychological trauma as an adult: (more…)

If I ever came home with a tattoo, I’m sure my parents would disown me. My folks have always strongly disliked the interesting art form that is tattoo design. And although I’ve pondered getting one (not sure what I would even get), I think for now I’ll just stick with a good old airbrush. They’re fun and fulfill the longing that some of us have for a real one. When I’m at the Jersey Shore boardwalk during the sunny summer months, I usually become tempted to get a little seahorse on my ankle or a random Chinese word on my back shoulder. Airbrush is definitely the way to go if you’re iffy about getting a permanent one (like me).

Temporary tattoos actually go back way further than many people think. People in Africa, the Middle East, and India have been using henna tattoos to decorate their hands, feet, and faces in celebration or in mourning for centuries. They were believed to increase beauty while making a personal statement. But, before you get henna, definitely find out what it means first! Each temporary henna tattoo design means something different to the people who traditionally used them. Since I can’t think of a tattoo design that would express who I am, I don’t think I’ll ever “get it just to get it”. Tattoos can definitely be meaningful if they’re representative of who you are or what you believe. My parents won’t be disowning me anytime soon for getting some ink, but I think the “tattoo taboo” mentality they have has got to change.

–Jeanine Guzman

Introducing Spencer. If this name doesn’t sound familiar let me give you a brief synopsis of who this nickname belongs to: Dustin Zito, the Real World Las Vegas southern boy, who seems a little more than just homophobic, has a big secret that his roommates finally find out about on this weeks episode. (more…)

Style Spotlight: Ibn Jasper

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Everyday someone writes about Kanye West’s style or Kid Cudi’s freshness, but only those who pay attention know about Ibn Jasper. Personally, he is probably one of my top five most stylish dudes. He is part of that skateboarding-hip-hop crew and has played an essential part in creating its space in the game. He also goes by F.M (Ferrari Murakami) and is considered by many as the best barber around, which makes sense when you listen to his dissection about what makes a good haircut.

Jasper is a trendsetter. He has been an instrumental influence on Kanye’s stylistic choices. His styling work has been in countless magazines such as GQ, Rolling Stone, and VIBE. All around, he expresses himself through visuals, whether through designing, styling or cutting hair. I would define his style more as an approach to fashion, in that he is not into following trends, but rather following his instincts and leading. He mostly wears limited edition garments, has no fear of jewelry, can pull off any jacket, has access to the sickest sneakers, and appreciates incredible Japanese craftsmanship (my kind of man). (more…)

This season, the fashion film has reached its pinnacle with almost every major brand putting out a film to go along with its collection. The first house to truly embrace the fashion film is Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has been creating films for years, starting with the highly publicized Chanel N°5 commercial starring Nicole Kidman. Then it was the films presented as short stories starring his “it” models.  Subsequently, Garance Doré started filming runway shows in a new way: she made the show into a story, created narrative, and included backstage film. And now, the fashion film has touched a new arena: the video campaign.

The video campaign is geared toward consumers in an effort to embrace digital technology and present designs in a new way. The films are accompaniments to the runway show and provide further enticement to buy. In some way, they do what editorials were created to do, but instead of being attached to a magazine, it is the brand’s direct presentation to the public. The Business of Fashion (BoF) has made a list of the top 10 video campaigns of the season.

-Nadjma Sako

In 2010, a guitarist by the name of Daniel Tidwell embarked on a quest.  A quest that few have attempted and even fewer have succeeded at.  This quest was to make an absolutely awesome video game rock album.  That’s right.  You read correctly – video game rock.  With his guitar, Tidwell shredded his way through themes from games such as Street Fighter, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and more on Versus Video Games.  Since then, he has been gaining more website, Twitter, and YouTube followers, including myself.

Now, in 2011, Daniel Tidwell has announced his next album, Versus Video Games 2.  With an absolutely EPIC artwork  and a few preview tracks on YouTube, I am completely stoked to see what this album brings.

Aside from his guitar playing, I have a lot of respect for Tidwell’s marketing skills.  He’s not just creating the album and putting it on Bandcamp or iTunes like any other independent artist.  He’s going all out by selling “Platinum Packages”.  The Platinum Package includes the new CD, his EP of classical covers (Echoes of the Elders), a T-shirt, and an autographed card.

As of now the exact release date for Versus Video Games 2 is TBA, but the Platinum Package can be bought up until the day before the album release.  I may snag one just in case the release comes up really soon.  Besides, how badass would it be to have a T-shirt with this awesome looking dude, in a suit of armor, with a sword in one hand, and a guitar in the other?  Oh, and did I mention there’s a dragon in the background?  I just hope he doesn’t lose round 2 of his fight versus video games.

-Mike Thal

You know you want to see this.

The director of 2009′s Zombieland has a new movie coming out called 30 Minutes or Less. 30 Minutes or Less has the director reuniting with Jesse Eisenberg. In this, Eisenberg plays a pizza delivery man who is forced to rob a bank by two men in monkey masks (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson), or else a bomb strapped to his chest will go off. He reluctantly goes to a friend he more or less betrayed (Aziz Ansari) for help.

The Red Band trailer was recently released and yes, the film actually looks as hilarious as its ridiculous premise. Action comedies are usually hit or miss, but I’m hoping this one is more like Pineapple Express than Your Highness.

30 Minutes or Less is set to be released on August 12. Usually, a mid-August release date means a film isn’t very good. However, this will hopefully be good because nothing makes the end of summer a little less depressing than a good comedy with a cast this good.

Watch the trailer after the jump: (more…)

While many Newhouse students are spending their summer breaks interning in New York City or Los Angeles, junior television, radio and film majors Josh Eisenfeld and Michael Armour are trailing a band on their summer tour.  But before you fantasize about an S.U. version of Almost Famous, you should know that this tour is throughout villages in Mozambique and the band has a much larger goal than rock stardom.  Head over to the Jerk website to find out what the hell these guys are doing and how they convinced Chancy Nancy to shell out the big bucks.

- Carly Wolkoff